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Here’s some random things I’ve been listening to.

My close personal acquaintance Mary Robinette Kowal put up a reading on her site of her short story “Evil Robot Monkey.” I both liked the story and liked her reading of it. I’d love to one day have a chance to spend a little more time with her.

I’ll admit that I’m on the verge of becoming something like an Amory Lovins fanboy. I call him “Amory McLovin” just for fun. This morning I listened to his presentation about how businesses can save energy and turn a profit on doing it. I heard his previous series talking about changing house designs so that they use less energy in ways that are cheaper to build. His story involved guys repeatedly asking him what the payback time was and not hearing him say “Dude, this design is cheaper than the standard!” I’ll listen to any presentation of his that goes online.

Cyberpunk Radio continues to be the consistently weirdest thing in my podcast listening queue. That’s why it stays in there. I have no idea how many people listen to this show, but he’s been plugging at it for years and years. It’s highly creative and in its own way the truest show I listen to. This show sounds like living in 2008 feels. I recommend you check it out.

I love poker – playing poker, listening to shows about poker and watching poker on TV. I listen to Poker Road Radio, which I like but spends a lot of time on the cults of personality and the “poker lifestyle” kind of stuff. I really don’t give a damn about which players have the nicest Rolexes or Bentleys. I care about the game, how to play and how to improve my play. That makes the new show in the Poker Road family – All Strategy – perfect for me. It really is what the title says. Daniel Negreanu and Justin Bonomo discuss the strategy of playing poker without all the nonsense. I’ve heard the first two episodes, another was published today and it has already climbed high up my list of favorite podcasts.

Tonight I listened to the Eyedrum Show podcast, hosted by my friend Chris. At the beginning he mentioned that this episode was the second to last one. He said he’d talk more about that later but unless I missed it he never came back to that story. I don’t know what is precipitating this, but if forced to guess it would be burnout. Chris has been hosting this WREK Sunday Special about Eyedrum every month for the last 4, 5 maybe more years. I enjoy listening to it but I can understand why it would make sense to stop.

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3 thoughts on “Around the Podosphere”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the reading! When exactly am I going to see you again? There was a spate where we were at all the same cons and now nada.

  2. dave says:

    Hey Mary, I would love to get a chance to hang ou with you some more. I’m sorry I had to turn down your invitation last time to catch my ride to the airport.

    Orycon was good enough to invite me again this year. I’d have liked to go, but I’m cutting down on the cross country travel. I’m penciling in next year and will really try to go. With Reality Break back in business I have more of a justification. I’m generally keeping around the southeast for the time being. Are you going to Balticon next year? I’ve thought about going to that one.

  3. Chris C. says:

    Thanks Dave for the Eyedrum podcast shoutout! Indeed, I’m just burned out, and decided not to dwell on it on mic. I signed up to do this with/for Eyedrum 6 years ago with the idea that I’d basically be a producer and co-host, not the driver of the show. Particpants have come and gone over the years, mostly gone, and drumming material out of the Eyedrum slacker collective is harder than … getting WREK to update their website 🙂

    Bringing an end to that show will leave me free(er) to do more of the one-off shows that I’ve done occasionally over the years. Those are way more fun and frankly better. Since the Eyedrum podcast RSS will end, I’ll start posting about those one-off shows in my personal blog ( ) so you won’t miss them. There’s a few people in town who come to me to help them execute shows, and I love doing that (being a catalyst). I do want to do a Nina Simone show someday.

    But this month’s Eyedrum show was indeed pretty good. To everyone out there in EGC-reader-land, check this one out, it flows nicely.

    And then download this week’s Personality Crisis (search here for it, Dave’s got the info), because Jon did a typically great job this past Sunday (Sep 21st), although not as wildly broad as typical for him. Joe Jackson is firmly stuck in my head now.

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