Limping Along

Thanks to those who have sent along words of encouragement. After two days of convalescing on the couch, I’m back up and well enough to go to work. I spent that time mostly asleep and watching some of the oldest movies on my DVR when I could stay conscious for 90 or 120 minutes at a time. I give big thumbs ups to O Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Million Dollar Hotel, and a huge thumb down to High Roller – The Stu Ungar Story. Luckily all three movies are weird enough that seeing them doped up on generic Nyquil adds to the experience. I also watched and enjoyed Return of the Secaucus 7 but that’s one that the doping detracted from.

I’m now several days behind on everything, as I spent less than 10 minutes touching the computer the last two days, and half of that was emailing in sick. If you are waiting on something from me, feel free to ask again. Many juggling balls have hit the floor now.

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  1. Robert, I’m sorry too. I would have loved to have come, but even had I been planning on it, being sick this whole weekend would have really put a kink into the plans. Have fun without me! I also screwed up in that I should have mailed you some Reality Break flyers to put out! Aargh, haven’t been thinking!

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