ConvergeSouth Gives Way to Independent Blogging Conference – Greensboro

I’m here in the ad hoc conference in Greensboro. I think the name by acclamation is “Independent Blogging Conference”, although I was having fun with the fact that we didn’t really have a name for it. I’m in the first session of the morning, and sweating the details of what we are going to do at lunchtime. I’d rather not have the group all split up so far that they don’t make it back in time for Mur’s session at 1 PM. This is where being on the hook for these things begins to wear at you. The big decisions are not really that big of a deal, it’s the flood of small details that exhaust you. All Hail Sue Polinsky for fielding all those details for us for the last 4 years at Converge South. Thank you Sue!

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