Al Qaeda Endorses McCain

John McCain made a huge deal this spring about Hamas supporting Obama, so it’s time to play “what comes around goes around.” Today’s entrant is the fact that Al Qaeda has endorsed John McCain. Of course they would. Just like Bush/Cheney are, McCain/Palin would be partners in the terror and repression business. They need each other to provide the rationale and political cover to cow the masses. Remember this every time McCain or Palin talks about how scary Obama is. What’s that word for when you instill fear in the masses as the means to achieve your goals? It’s on the tip of my tongue …

Let’s also play “who’s the huge frigging hypocrite.” After this news came out, the McCain campaign claims this is reverse psychology to hurt McCain. Interesting how that works. According to McCain, when Hamas endorses Obama means vote for McCain and when Al Qaeda endorses him it means vote for McCain. Exactly how much of this blatant type of crap, double think and plain old fashioned lying does the public need to see from McCain? I’m really surprised the race is this close, It should be 70/30 at this point.

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