Dubious Records

One of my true OCD traits is that I mark durations and personal records frequently. Since I’ve spent much of my life nomadic, since I left for college at age 18, I have lived in 14 different dwellings in 6 different metro areas. In the 1995 to 2004 time period, we held drivers licenses in 5 different states. That’s a whole lot of moving trucks, lessee background checks and mortgage closings. My relief at having stayed put for the last 4 years spills out into some statistics.

We’ve already well shattered the record for living in the same dwelling at 4 years, 2 months and counting. The previous high was almost exactly 3 years. We’ve had the same yard man and plumber longer than I’ve had a dentist or doctor in my adult life. There is an amazing sense of relief and statisfaction I get at going in to the same dentist for the 9th consecutive checkup. For a long time, way too many of our visits were first visits to a new one, meaning I’ve gotten way more full mouth x-rays than are reasonable for a man my age with no dental problems.

Somewhere recently I passed the point of my current job being my longest stint at any computer industry gig I’ve ever held. I’m at 2 years, 3 months having passed the 2 year, 2 month record. I have about 4 more months and this becomes the longest running single job I’ve ever held, period. It makes me sound flighty but there was a long period where I held no job for longer than 1 year, to the point where it became a joke amongst my friends. If you think about the moving, though, there were a number of gigs I had to leave when I moved and a number that went belly up or laid me off.

This stuff probably means very little to anyone else but I think about it more than it really warrants. Most people don’t find owning the same house for 4 years to be such a novelty but for me it is a complete release that makes me happy. The simple things are the best, aren’t they?

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  1. Congrats Dave. I’d have to check my stats, but I believe we’ve reached a similar – ‘longest time we’ve been anywhere’ record. I find great comfort in being someplace I enjoy and planning to be there indefinitely.

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