Congratulations President-Elect Obama

I feel good about the election. Even though I have remained at arms length with Obama because of his failure to embrace true progressive positions, he ran an extraordinarily well organized and remarkably clean campaign. Where McCain/Palin tried to throw in fud about his associations and emphasize his otherness and use lots of code words that all boiled down to “don’t forget he’s black and we’re white”, Obama did not reciprocate the descent into the mud.

Honestly, for all the rhetoric and the talk about the historic nature of this race, here is what matters to me. I want a President who believes in government and will appoint the officials of the executive branch based on their competence, not their personal and party loyalty. I want to see a President in there who is competent and can make the wheels of government and wants to. Bush has done exactly what he wanted to and based on his own agenda may be the most successful President in history. His stance is that government doesn’t work and in eight years of effort he has made that true. I look forward to seeing President Obama reverse that decay of our civic structures and restore our government to an institution making a good faith effort to govern ethically and responsibly.

He may not achieve every bit of the rhetoric of his acceptance speech, at least not quickly, but I do believe that Obama wants the American government to work and will set about making that happen. I am most excited to see him doing the most boring aspects of this job. I want him to appoint heads of FEMA and Treasury and cabinet members whose loyalty is to the American people, not looting the public coffers into corporate hands as quickly as possible. I do believe his agenda is to improve things and I do believe he will get there. How far and how well and how quickly is an open question, but I have every belief that we are now awaking from a long, ugly, unpleasant dream that we will spend the next four years shaking out of. My friends and neighbors, it truly is morning in America. Let’s make this a great day.

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