Slow Time in Blogville

Wow, I’ve only posted twice in the last nine days and both of those were about the Gentle Readers show. I just haven’t had a lot of urgency to blog. No doubt that posting to my FriendFeed account is part of that. I’m already posting 20 times a day, just not here.

Compounding it, there was a grotesque burst of activity at the day job earlier this month that sucked most of the energy out of my life. Things have returned back to a busy but non-crushing baseline. I’m looking forward to the short holiday week to catch back up on social media, do some podcasts, read some comic books and continue getting my collection organized.

I wish I had more of substance to say. It’s always a close call – post something trivial or don’t post at all. Such are the dilemmas of being an average guide with a gloriously boring life.

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