Hyperlocal Coverage is Hard

I went to the Conway SC mayoral debate earlier this evening. I videotaped the whole event with the plan to put it online as quickly as I could. The problem is that the sound is kind of janky, and unfortunately in a way that makes two candidates much quieter than the other two. That’s enough of a problem of fairness that I really want to extract the audio and run it through the Levelator or at the very least boost it where necessary. iMovie ’08 is just useless for that sort of stuff. I had to use it to get the video off my camera but now I’m trying to get everything into the old iMovie just so that I can do anything with it. I believe that I shall not be fooling around much more and will pay for Final Cut Express if I’m going to be doing this sort of thing with any frequency at all.

The big bummer is that the event is so timely I just don’t have much luxury of time here. The debate was a few hours ago, the election is in 8 days and I need to get this posted as soon as I can. I had hoped for tonight but that isn’t going to happen. With any luck I can get it for tomorrow night. I didn’t expect this would be easy but I hadn’t anticipated how much pressure I feel to turn this around. I want to do this service to the voters in my community, to get this online and then publicized as much as I can. I might be having my personal laptop next to me at the day job, doing renders tomorrow while I work. I don’t have the ability to try and fail very many things before the clock (really, the calendar) ticks off more time than I have.

This is fun, but I really want to get some results and quickly. It’s time to Bring the Democracy, boyeeeee!

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3 thoughts on “Hyperlocal Coverage is Hard”

  1. You could badaboomit. Badaboom is a Windows program that transcodes video using Nvidia hardware. But hey, all I really want you to do is say “badaboomit” out loud several times. badabing.

  2. Gray! I will give that a look at my leisure. The time crunch didn’t allow fanciness this time but I’ll look at it for next time.

    Rob! Unfortunately, my MacBook has no Nvidia hardware so even under VMWare that doesn’t help. Once I figured out how to do the export of only the audio, that solved this problem. I was more happy to let the Levelator do that than manually adjust levels by hand anyway.

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