What is the Wattage of Your Lifestyle?

Last week I blogged about the Saul Griffith presentation on energy literacy. In it, he calculated the wattage of his lifestyle. For those of you that would like to purse a similar metric, there is an online tool to help you calculate and track your lifestyle. It is called WattzOn. I just created a profile and according to it my lifestyle is 6.1 KW. That’s pretty high for what Griffith was shooting for (I think 2 KW was his target) but not terrible compared to the average American. That I don’t fly very much helped out there.

I do notice that in their forums there is a gadfly from the @Saul account, who seems to spent a lot of time urging them to make the tool better. What are the odds that is Saul Griffith? Pretty good, I’d say.

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One thought on “What is the Wattage of Your Lifestyle?”

  1. Ken Kennedy says:

    Dang…almost 6.5 KW for me. Definitely useful for keeping an eye on things, though, and gives me some ideas of what to work on…weekend trips and natural gas usage, primarily (iow, I need to re-check our insulation, weatherstripping, etc.)

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