Oh San Francisco

There was a time I thought I wanted to live in San Francisco. That time is long passed. We go there for AGU most years, and while I like a few days there, that is now plenty for me. There is a permeating hipster douchebag air that I just can’t shake from when I land at SFO until I leave. Even if the cost of living was identical to where I am (I’m sure my current house is many times what I could afford if it was in SF), I just no longer have a desire to be there. I feel more out of place there than anywhere. In the immortal words of Will Ferrell from Zoolander, when I’m there “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.” The things that pass for sanity there boggle my mind.

I’m glad some of you love it. You are welcome to it. There’s another dream down the tubes.

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2 thoughts on “Oh San Francisco”

  1. San Francisco, like a lot of things, is something I think a lot of people outgrow. Life doesn’t have to come with a full helping of superioristic smugness in order to be enjoyed. Quite the opposite.

  2. I spent much of my twenties and early thirties there. My wife, daughter and I return most weekends (for shopping, lunch, and the like).

    I enjoy it. Pretty views, and my favorite parks, restaurants, bars, and hobby shops (comic book stores, used book stores, computer shops, a BIG Apple store, etc.).

    I love a little coffee place by Crissy Field. You can see both bridges, the downtown area, Alcatraz, and the Palace of Fine Arts. Or the view from Twin Peaks.

    I haven’t been too troubled by the “permeating hipster douchebag air.” I mean, there are plenty of hipster douchebags (your term makes me smile. I am going to call someone that when next its appropriate!) on display on weekend evenings in the Marina and Mission districts. But I guess once you pass your late twenties, they can become as invisible to you as you are to them. Glittering fireflies; easy enough to ignore, and harmless. I can’t recall when they interfered with my day.

    My wife and I noted this soon after our baby arrived. Walking down the street, we began noticing all the couples with small children… who’d previously not registered so much.

    Forgive me, I enjoyed my time there and still love the place. I do see what you mean, and it’s good to get a perspective different from my own.

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