Kick Off Your Carnival with 3canal

I listened to the most recent episode of Caribbean Free Radio last weekend. There are precious few new episodes so I cherish every one I get. In this, she was talking with her friends in 3canal and they discussed their current album and the interesting promotion they are engaged in. For the time being, their newest album Joy + Fire is available as a free and legal download at Trinidad Tunes. From what they said on CFR, this downloadable album is being sponsored by Flow Trinidad in an interesting fashion. The band is getting paid from these downloads as if Trinidad Tunes had sold the same records, it’s just that Flow is footing the bill. Apparently, how long this album remains freely downloadable depends on Flow. They are sponsoring up to a dollar value, and when that is reached the promotion is over. That means, if you are at all interested, get on it sooner rather than later.

I’ve listened to the album and I believe it is my favorite of all the 3canal music I’ve heard. I’ll admit that in rap hybrid styles, I think in general there is too much rap and not enough of the other things. I love 60’s and 70’s classic style reggae but never much liked modern dancehall, for example. On Joy + Fire, I think the rapso mix of rap and calypso is just right for my taste. Try a track or two, and if you like them you can get the whole album. I dig it quite a bit, and I thank 3canal and Flow Trinidad for this experiment. From my perspective as a random white guy in America who has never been near Trinidad, I appreciate this greatly. If you want to get a little of that Carnival spirit, go check out Trinidad Tunes.

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