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I’ve never seen even a single episode of The Wire even though I know many people say it is the best TV series ever. I was a huge fan of Homicide: Life on the Streets also by David Simon, which I think is the best series I’ve ever watched. Well now, you can purchase all 5 seasons from Amazon for $82, which includes free shipping. I did a back of the envelope calculation that at $4 a disk from Blockbuster this series would cost $92 to rent, so if you are interested this seems like a deal that can’t be passed up. I’m about to buy it myself. It seems like the thing to do.

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4 thoughts on “The Wire on Super Sale”

  1. I also loved H:LOTS, which I still think is the best show ever about how policing and more to the point Murder Policing effects people… so I had to check out the Wire season 1 when it hit DVD…. and I think it really is pretty close to the best thing ever produced for TV as a drama series (man walks on the fuckin Moon might be the best TV moment ever)… that said, I think there is a danger in over hyping the show… all I can say is check out the first couple of episodes and see if it’s your thing.

  2. Nice! I didn’t realize it was buy the same guy as Homicide. I dug that show as well; not only was it flat-out good, but I had just moved from Baltimore a couple years before when I started watching it, and the location shoots were nostalgic for me (even the grungy ones. It’s a grungy town in lots of parts.) I may Netflix it.

  3. I have been working my way thru the Wire for the past couple of months, having bought seasons 1-4 at Costco for what I thought was a good price. This new deal is even better. Excellent viewing, well worth the time and $$, and this from someone who ended his paid cable TV feeds a year ago due to a lack of content worth watching.

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