Dear CVS Pharamacy

If you are going to lock up the colognes and perfume, and then have a sale on them, it should be predictable by you that people might want to buy some of them. When I went to the store at 38th Avenue and Highway 17 Bypass in Myrtle Beach at lunch today, and stood at the case pressing the red button every 2 minutes for 15 minutes, until I finally gave up and wrangled a person to come and unlock it for me, it did not make me happy. In fact, it might have convinced me that Rite Aid or Walgreens might be more committed to actually selling me the products in their store. Also, please don’t have a red button for requesting assistance if no one in the store actually pays attention to the “Customer assistance needed in cosmetics” announcements it played. At the fifteen minute mark I considered just pressing it non-stop until someone came as an exercise to see if anyone would.

In short, if you lock up merchandise to keep it from being stolen and you ignore messages that people want to buy it, you absolutely deserve to never sell any again. Get rid of that case and use the space to stock more Valentine candy, because you aren’t good with high margin items.

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  1. I gave up on buying merchandise from locked cases at CVS after trying to buy baby formula. The people at the pharmacy said they didn’t have the key and the cashiers said only the pharmacy could open the case. I’m not sure how they sale any baby formula. It would probably be easier just to go ahead and steal it. Obviously the employees go out of there way to ignore these items.

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