EGC Recording Tonight at 8:30 PM EST

I’m going to continue the experiment of recording my podcast and streaming it live. Tonight at 8:30 PM EST I’ll be recording and streaming it live via Ustream. In the immortal words of the philospher, “We’ll do it live!!!” Come join up, chat, and hear all the mistakes that never go out in the podcast file. Oh, the comedy.

You can always find out about things like this by subscribing to my FriendFeed account. That’s where the timely stuff lives. Onward into new social media experiments!

Update: Whoops, a button pushing PEBKAC kept this from getting posted until 30 minutes prior. If you are interested in this activity, you can create a Ustream account and follow my channel. Sorry about that! I’m still getting used to this whole synchronous thing.

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