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Comic Floor

I’ve been collecting comic books for approaching 40 years now and have amassed a few. While I’m currently working on organizing them and cataloging them online I have them spread out all over the floor of my home office. It is truly a mess, and it’s not like I enjoy having all this floor space occupied. It’s a situation that would get me an OSHA fine if I were paying someone else to work in it.

Via Derek Coward I got a recommendation for these stackable cardboard comic book drawers. Up until recently I had these boxes stacked up which presented a more compact storage solution but meant I could only access a few boxes at time. I love the idea of having my whole collection stacked off in the corner while still being completely accessible. I’m going to buy a 5 pack of these and give them a shakedown. As much as I like the idea and the concept seems sound, I don’t want to dump too much money in these until I feel confident they will do the trick. My first impulse was to to go nuts, but the more I read on their site the more little caveats there seemed to be, which gives me a little pause. It kind of reads in some parts like they are saying that bagged and boarded Golden Age books won’t fit in. That’s a problem, considering that I’ve been bagging a number of books and anything odd sized (like a lot of self-published 80s indie books) is just going straight into Golden Age bags.

I’ve been thinking about buying these for a week now and I still haven’t committed. I think the Collection Drawer guys need to work to bring the barrier to purchase down on their site. Their documentation is so damed complex that I’m not even sure what I’m reading. I can’t tell if these fasteners they sell connect two boxes side to side or top to bottom. I’m not sure if you have to buy 1 or 2 per boxes you want to connect. I’m not sure if you need the rails, whether you need 1 or 2 per box, whether those include the dividers. As much as I’ve been reading on the site I still have a lot of questions. This is about par for the course in the comic book retailing world. As long as I’ve been in this hobby, I still get surprised at how hard it is to actually complete the purchases when you have the money in hand and do the basic things you’d expect at a minimum in any other form of retailing.

Still, I’m hopeful that this product will help tame the mess I have in my house. I’ll try the first five boxes and see how it goes from there.

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