Watch Me Live with Comic Boxes

Just to make this even weirder I’m going to try embedding the Ustream widget right here on the blog as I unbox and try to assemble some comic drawer boxes. What could be more fascinating?

Update: The experiment seems to have gone fine. The people watching the stream got to see lots of shots of my dog trying to be helpful and licking the boxes as I was trying to assemble them. I’m going to redo this again tonight for the vlog since I’m pretty sure my footage from the camcorder was useless.

Thanks to Derek Coward for actually providing me the information the directions lacked on how to assemble the second end of the shell. I ended up getting a little stuck and Derek bailed me out from the chat. As a side benefit, a guy whose been my friend for pushing 25 years joined in the chat and we talked afterwards. Good times!

Streaming live video by Ustream

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