Tenure for the Doctor

We try to keep it cool around the house in terms of the blog. My wife frequently opts out of being mentioned because not everyone likes to live their life on the internet like I do. However, I’ve been given clearance to blog this bit of news. As of last week, my wife is no longer a tenure track professor because she is tenured! That’s a big thing for an academic, so let’s have a hand for the doctor. I’m very proud of her.

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12 thoughts on “Tenure for the Doctor”

  1. Congratulations, Mrs EG! We are delighted for you!

    And, yes, I know your first name, but haven’t been cleared to use it in this comment 😉

    -k & n-

  2. Congratulations to you both. A third “hooray” goes to the school who gave tenure to a woman in one of the basic sciences. Long may she influence!

  3. Congratulations! Now to accrue some retirement time? The years do fly by, my dear. We love ya . . .

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