People v. Mark Sanford

As far as I can tell, Mark Sanford’s basic approach with the federal stimulus funds is to reject them if that money is to in any way be used for helping people. Paying down debt he likes, keeping people working at their jobs he does not like. Schools are now looking at furloughing employees in ways they wouldn’t have to if they received the funds. The whole thing seems to me to be his way of saying “Look how fiscal conservative I am, I’m willing to let my own citizens crash and burn rather take money that they’re on the hook for one way or another! Think about me in 2012, OK national GOP?”

It’s time to research what you do to initiate a recall campaign in South Carolina.

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2 thoughts on “People v. Mark Sanford”

  1. I am feeling the same way. This is on the verge of being irresponsible to the SC people. Impeach the governor? I would. His record has been horrible during his time. I can’t wait till he is gone.

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