Kindle Edition of Fans, Friends and Followers

It’s “credit where credit is due” time. A few days I blogged about what seemed odd to me, that Scott Kirsner’s book Fans, Friends and Followers: Building an Audience and a Creative Career in the Digital Age was not available in a Kindle edition. I emailed him and asked in so many words “What’s with this, bro?” We had an exchange to the effect that he would work on it. Well, he emailed me today to let me know that the book is now available in a Kindle edition. Even sweeter, that version is only $7.99, a few bucks cheaper than even the direct download from him.

In order to be as good as my word, I bought it immediately. It’s the second book I bought and for this I decided to try out purchasing from the device itself. It was a very easy and satisfying process. It only took a few seconds to find it (the unique last name didn’t hurt), a few seconds to make the purchase and the book was already downloaded as soon as I went to look for it in my shelf. All good. Now I’m looking forward to reading the thing. Thanks, Scott Kirsner and thanks Dave Kellett for originally bringing this to my attention.

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3 thoughts on “Kindle Edition of Fans, Friends and Followers”

  1. Ken Kennedy says:

    Sweet! Bought it through your link; looking forward to it.

  2. Hi Dave-

    Thanks for the nudge!


  3. Gib Wallis says:

    I went to the link for the book, and there was still a “ask the publisher for a Kindle edition” link.

    Then I clicked on the author’s name and the Kindle edition appeared second on the list.

    There isn’t an easy way to report this to Amazon, so I thought I’d mention it here if you’d like to pass that on to your author friend.

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