A Unique Work Experience for Me

I’m approaching the three year anniversary of my current job. At the end of June I’ll cross that milestone, which will result in me bumping up the ladder and getting into the higher tier of earning vacation. I’m in my 40s and that has never happened for me before. It used to be a joke amongst my friends that I changed jobs every year whether I needed to or not. In fairness, 2/3 of those were me getting laid off, the company going out of business or having to quit because we were moving to a new place.

There’s some simple pleasures that have eluded me for my adult life. We’ll have been in this house for five years, which is a record for us. Not having to box up the stuff every year or two, changing dentists, finding new jobs, etc is a huge relief in my life. Having the same set of coworkers for years and years, it just feels nice. This is not shocking or novel to most of you, and it’s not like I didn’t understand these. It just feels good to be able to live it for once.

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2 thoughts on “A Unique Work Experience for Me”

  1. I got married 2 & half years ago. Before this I felt like the puck on the ice. All over the place. Great to settle down.

  2. Good for you! Even those of us who seem somewhat settled can be envious: I’ve had a different manager for each annual review for the last several years.

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