Very Timely Podcaster Equipment Note

Sorry for this, but you have 3.5 hours to act at publish time. I’ve never heard of this site before today, but at 1 Sale a Day today’s deal is for a hard-sided aluminum case with configurable foam inserts. They bill it as for “photo/video” equipment but it also looks like it would be perfect for transporting my Marantz PMD670. It’s on sale for $9.99 plus another 6 for shipping.

Currently when I travel, I tend to take my Marantz and associated equipment in a big duffel bag which isn’t much protection for some non-cheap equipment. I’m still deciding how many of these to pick up. I’m thinking at least one, but maybe two or three to keep as spares or to give to other people that might need them. I had thought previously about fabricating a wooden rolling box for my equipment, but this might well be a better alternative. A rolling cart and some bungie cords might well turn these cases into what I had been envisioning before minus all the fabrication.

You have until midnight Eastern Daylight time on 5/5/2009 to get this deal. Act now or forever hold your peace.

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