End of an Era?

Over at AmigoFish I have several vanity search podcast RSS feeds. Yes kids, you can do that over there! Subscribe to a search FTW!

One of the shows that turned up on the search for “evil genius chronicles” is this episode of the Eight Things podcast. It’s kind of a depressing take on things in the podcast world, including the sale of the Podcast/New Media Expo to BlogWorld, Podshow/Mevio turning their back on everyone they brought to the dance, etc. I was listening with a little dread to see how I fit into this whole thing. Was I going to be listed as a sell out (if so, what exactly did I sell and why didn’t I get anything for it?) Was my slowing down in output going to be some kind of bellwether for podcasting coming and going?

Instead, this post from a month ago about my podcast queue getting deep was used as evidence for my fading interest in the field. That’s a funny interpretation, as actually the truth is very close to the opposite. I still have 122 subscriptions in my aggregator. My stubborn refusal to drop shows for queue depth is part of my committment to the field. I’ll drop them when I quit digging them, but I don’t drop because I have 35 days or more backed up. In fact, I noted the point where my queue had ticked over 30 days but now it is back down to about 14 or so. That’s mostly a function of how much time I manage to carve out in my work days to listen to shows.

I’m still here and even though my production output has slowed down, I still care deeply about the medium. You’ll hear how deeply if you listen to my talk at the upcoming Balticon over Memorial Day weekend. Some things about the medium still bug me deeply but I’m actually made happy by some of the failures of businesses in the podcasting space. I’m happy to see the cynical leave the field for having not gotten rich quick.

I’m here for the long haul,.I never hitched my financial health to the podcasting wagon which turns out to be the best decision I ever made. I create and I listen to podcasts as an amateur and a hobbyist, which means my sole motivation is love and joy and happiness. Tom Marquette missed the boat on how I feel. I’m still high on the medium and getting my second or fifth or tenth wind in it. Depression and disgust are not the proper reaction to the climate out there. It’s time to turn it up louder and dance our asses off, because this party is just getting started.

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  1. Whew…you scared me for a second with that one!! My queue is way behind as well, so I’m not stuck jonesing for an EGC episode like I sometimes was way back in the day (when I only had a handful of subs), but no Slushercast would have made this grown man cry. A little. *grin*

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