Balticon Rocks

I’m having a great time at Balticon. I’m shocked that it is early evening Sunday. I’ve been doing stuff practically non-stop since I got here and yet there are many many things I have yet to do, people I have yet to talk to and so forth. I’ve seen Brenda Clough and Keith DeCandido in the halls but not had a chance to talk to them. I briefly talked to Charlie Stross. If there is one flaw in how this has worked, I’ve spent lots of time with the podcast and new media people but not nearly enough with the SF people. That I bridge both worlds is great and I like it but it does make it hard to get everything in. I wish there were more events and activities that crossed over between two populations. I’m holding out hope for the hotel bar this evening.

Thanks to Paul Fischer for inviting me. It’s a blast and I feel even more the schmuck for not getting up here sooner. Y’all rock this house!

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One thought on “Balticon Rocks”

  1. Ken Kennedy says:

    Jealous! Balticon (at least when I was going) is a great con size…big enough that there’s a lot going on, plenty of people to meet and hang out with, etc., but not SO big that it breaks over you like a tidal wave (I’m talking to YOU, Dragon*Con! I love you, but your size has just gotten ridiculous. *grin*). A good regional con is hard to beat. (Not that you’re still not having to pick and choose, of course! But indeed, head for the bar…always a good call.)

    We were at a little local con yesterday, TimeGate 2009, which was fun, but didn’t quite have enough size to get the events and panels well-attended. Still had a good time, but it was definitely a “sit and chat with your friends, ’cause there’s not much else to do” situation.

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