Holiday Weekend

My age has really started showing. We did our late night system upgrade Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and come Friday, I’m still tired. Our plan today is to paint our bedroom. We thought about doing some of the taping and furniture moving and prep work last night, but I opted not to. My thought was that today is going to suck no matter what but yesterday didn’t have to. I don’t like doing this stuff and I accept that it needs to be done but it’s a horrible thing to be endured. Once we begin, my interest is in finishing. This hit must be taken, but with any luck it can be confined to today.

A few years ago, we made the mistake of going to Myrtle Beach State Park on the day of July 4th. We go to this park fairly often but there were easily 20X the maximum number of people we had ever seen there. Just the act of getting into the park and into a parking space was about 30 minutes. We’re going to avoid that sort of thing this year. I actually feel like doing something like that but don’t feel like fighting crowds. Maybe we’ll hang out at the Conway riverfront.

Once the painting is done, I really need to record some podcasts. When that is in the can, my agenda is reading comic books and lying around. I don’t have to get too much battery recharging done because in a few weeks we’re going to the mountains near Asheville. If I can keep my batteries from dying until then I can get some recharging done then.

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