My Full Tilt Fantasy Poker Picks for the Main Event

Going into the main event of the World Series of Poker, I’m sitting at 101st overall in the Full Tilt Poker fantasy league. The top 100 finishers get entrance into special freeroll that pays out an entrance to the 2010 main event (really, $12,000 which is about the equivalent – you can use the money for whatever you want.) I was under no illusions that I could coast regardless where I finished after event 56 but this is a tight spot. I have to have a good main event.

After a month plus of playing this hard and trying to gather as much information about each player, which events they were entering, their past performance, etc – the main event was different. I could make the assumption that everyone was playing. I sort of went with the zen and just picked without over thinking it. I picked Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonious out of defense. I expect that most everyone will have them and if I don’t and they do well, I’m sunk. This really comes down to picking the couple of highest finishing more obscure players and whoever does that will do well.

Here then are my picks:

A group:

Phil Ivey
Patrik Antonius
John Juanda
Eugene Katchalov
Justin Bonomo

B Group

Kathy Liebert
Jacobo Fernandez
Sorel Mizzi
Vitaly Lunkin
Shaun Deeb

C Group

Jeffery Lisandro
Steve “mrsmokey1” Billirakis
Tom Dwan
Shannon Shorr
Matt Hawrilenko

I’m on pins and needles about it. The main event is so sprawling I’m not even sure if any of my picks have played, what their stacks are, who is out. I made my bet, now I can only hope it works out for me. I’m leaning more towards younger internet players than name pros so I hope a few of those bets hit.

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  1. Patrik Antonius got locked out of Day 1d, so he won’t be playing this year.

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