The Precise Cold

This is a weird one. Yesterday at lunchtime I felt fine. By mid afternoon I was sneezing a little. By the time I left work, I was starting to feel bad. All evening I felt worse and worse, and by the time I went to bed I felt miserable. When I got up this morning I felt the worst yet, and I just decided to not go into work today and made the call of shame to my boss.

The weird part is that I know that between 2 PM and 3:30 PM yesterday, I began having cold symptoms. In my entire life, I don’t know that I could ever determine the onset of a cold to +- 45 minute resolution. Maybe it is possible with the flu where you tend to have a a more violent and extreme set of symptoms, but colds are usually just a smear of feeling bad and runny noses.

It’s slightly interesting as a phenomenon but not interesting enough to keep me awake. I’m taking the strongest cold medicine we have in this house and going back to bed.

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