Offline Times

The combination of my illness, some computer problems and a fair amount of things around the house to do (many of which I still have to do) led to a three day stretch with as little online time as I can remember when I actually was home and had working internet. You know what? I didn’t miss it that much. Friday was mostly sleeping on the couch recuperating. Saturday had a chunk of that as well as trying to fix some issues with my MacBook (short version: I made them worse) and Sunday was errands and the like.

There have been times where I find myself jonesing to get back to my computer. This wasn’t one of them. I realized this evening that after some restarts this morning, I never even turned my email client back on. I hadn’t checked FriendFeed or Facebook, hadn’t turned on my IM client or looked at any email. I’m enough of an internet spazmo that this can probably be considered a positive development.

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