Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast Extra: Balticon 43 Panel, “Peer Media vs Broadcast Media”

I’ve been having a hard time getting the show produced lately. I had planned to do an episode this weekend but my MacBook is fighting me every step of the way lately. Because of all these problems, I’m filling in the gaps with the audio of a panel I was on at Balticon 43 a few months ago. The panel was conceived of and moderated by Thomas Gideon, and my co-panelists were Patrick McLean and Earl Newton. If I recall correctly, this was the morning after I had met Earl for the first time and hung out with him for a few hours late into the previous evening.

I enjoyed being on this panel and I’d like to thank the other three guys and all the attendees for making it a good one. Here is the audio for your enjoyment.

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One thought on “Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast Extra: Balticon 43 Panel, “Peer Media vs Broadcast Media””

  1. interesting panel two things that stuck in my brain while listening.
    First- I work in a library and deal with a lot of homeless and poor people. A lot of them have laptops, iPods, cell phones, or at least spend a huge part of their day on the free computers and have better access to a lot of podcasts than people might think. It’s the getting informing them of the tech and their having the desire to access it that’s the key.

    Second- I have yet to hear about anyone going into our schools to teach kids about podcasts, and help them make their own– and maybe it’s just that I am not the audience for them, but I really haven’t heard of a lot of podcasts that would be aimed at kids.

    just thought that I would share– I look forward to your shows so keep them coming.

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