Sad Confession: I Don’t Really Watch the Videos

The previous post about switching podcatchers and my podcast consumption workflow also involves me confronting a sad fact. I subscribed to multiple video feeds. I always have the best intentions with these things, but I don’t actually watch them. The only one I’m anywhere current on is TIki Bar TV and that’s about 6 months behind. I have over 100 episodes of Meet the Gimp to watch. Like, every one of them past the first episode. I have downloaded every episode, I just don’t watch them.

As part of dealing with my computer issues I needed a little more free space and the very first thing I dumped overboard was a directory with 12 GB of TED Talks in it. I tried to watch a few, hated the “Look you chumps at the wonderful bones we insightful rich are willing to throw you!” vibe of the ones I did watch. When space got tight, out they went into the bit bucket before anything else.

I care about the videos, at least I think I do. However I don’t watch them when I drive or walk the dog or as I type code at my dayjob, which is basically where all my audio podcast consumption occurs. I feel like I care but I don’t actually watch them. Sorry, video folks. I still want to learn how to use GIMP so I guess I have 100 X 10 minutes to spend with them.

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One thought on “Sad Confession: I Don’t Really Watch the Videos”

  1. Then you are like me! 🙂

    I threw out all video podcasts out of my feeds and am happy with it. And if you want to improve your knowledge in GIMP, why nor read tutorials?

    I make these videos, but I really prefer to read than to watch/listen.

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