Welcome Back Piggly Wiggly

Last fall I sent a letter to Piggly Wiggly about how bad their “free” wifi was, and how it made me waste time by coming there when I had work to do but the wifi was barely usable. It should be noted that they have changed their provider, they no longer require an account to login, and it is 1000 times better now. I’m eating grocery store sushi, doing a little bit of work and will get a Starbucks Americano on the way back to the office. It’s much more convenient to have this option back in the rotation and I thank Piggly Wiggly for straightening this out. I don’t know if my letter had any effect but I’m glad I sent it.

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One thought on “Welcome Back Piggly Wiggly”

  1. Feelya says:

    I’m at a resort for my birthday and they have the same thing. The snotty girl at the desk said it would reset at midnight. I was hoping to find a work around here! Right now my iPhone is in GPRS mode and I’m tethering it to my macbook. MUST HAVE INTERNETSSSS

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