Up to Speed with Bashpodder

I’ve now been using bashpodder long enough that I’ve completed my transition from Juice. The worst part of moving from one podcatcher to another is that you lose your history, and there is always some duplication and hassle at the cutover. I’m now about a week past that point of dealing with that issue and now I’m into baseline business as usual.

I’ll have to say that I am truly digging bashpodder. Linc Fessenden wanted to make sure the world knew I had made this switch, and I’m doing what I can to publicize that fact. I posted to Linc’s forum about the changes I have made. One I made over the weekend allows for the same script to handle either RSS or Atom podcast feeds. The irony is that for bashpodder it was a couple of lines of XSL code but I’ve never built support for Atom feeds into Amigofish. Maybe one day and maybe if more than a few dozen people start using them.

All in all, I really wish I had moved to bashpodder years ago. If you are an OS X or Linux user it is a no brainer and if you are Windows user it is a barely brainer.

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One thought on “Up to Speed with Bashpodder”

  1. Natesh Mayuranathan says:


    I came across this while looking for some resources on BashPodder. I’m a MacBook Pro owner running 10.6.6, and I’m having trouble getting this script to work. If I run it manually, it’s fine but when I try to use it with cron, it fails, citing this error:

    /Users/Tesh/Downloads/audio/podcasts/bashpodder.shell: line 73: wget: command not found

    I downloaded wget for OS X, but this doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions?


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