Democrats vs Republicans

Tom Tomorrow is uncomfortably correct about how both Democrats and Republicans behave in this cartoon.

I know that getting burned out on healthcare is part of the conservative strategy so I’m trying to fight the feeling. I know a lot of the opposition is being raised because of cost. This would be a lot stronger argument if the same people hadn’t been strong supporters of every Iraq appropriation and presided over the deficit rising from $5 trillion to $10 trillion during the Bush years. That they are willing to spend on the one, but not on healthcare for Americans can only lead to one conclusion about priorities:

Conservatives would rather make dead Iraqis than healthy Americans.

PS – don’t bother trying to comment troll this post. I have a delete button that I’m not afraid to use on anyone who wants to be a jerk. Use that energy trying to get Medicare repealed since you hate government healthcare so much.

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4 thoughts on “Democrats vs Republicans”

  1. Ken Kennedy says:

    You’ve hit one of my exact points about this on the head; it’s not a cost issue, because these are people who’ve been more than willing to deficit spend. If someone is going to use that argument, I hope I can find a long history of them railing against the deficit spending during the early 2000s.

    OTOH, if you’re against government-run health care, just come out and say it. We can then have an honest debate instead of setting fire to opposing straw men.

    And your point about being burned out hit home, Dave…I’ve felt that way as well, and you’re right; it’s part of the strategy. I fell for it, and now I’m pissed off. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Eric Reanimator says:

    All the more reason the heath care for everyone one should be spun as a national security issue– you know this is how we train doctors, keep the country healthy so that we can fight off the invading hordes.

    Also I don’t see the Dem’s bringing up the fact that both TR and Nixon were in support of a national health care system. Nixon was apparently working towards one when Watergate happened.

  3. darkmoon says:

    I’m going with the….” it’s rich for rich, and the middle class gets bent over”… again. Makes no difference whom it is and which party. They all have an agenda that until I start making seven figures, I won’t understand.

    I’ll let you know when I join that seven figure crowd if things have changed at all. :p

  4. dave says:

    Ben, I’m of the opinion that the whole Republicans attacking the Democrats for being “Socialist” is all kabuki theater designed to distract us all from the fact that none of their offerings has much to do with the ordinary classes, aka those 95% of us at the bottom. Attack Obama for being a Marxist, when he’s really on the right edge of center, everyone has their political cover to back up their respective trucks to the treasury and siphon it all out. AKA, political business as usual for our modern times.

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