Home From Dragon*Con

It was a great weekend at Dragon*Con and I’m highly glad I went. There was a high exhaustion component but also many many friends of various vintages – from 25 years to 2 minutes. I am probably not going to to blog a detailed trip report because I never actually finish them. I’ll tell a few stories on the next podcast. Even though I’ve had a night’s sleep, I still feel like one of the gazillion zombies I saw this weekend.

Many thanks to Derek and Swoopy for putting on the podcasting and skeptic tracks, and for inviting me and continuing to care about what I do. My main goal at any point is to not let Swoopy down and to be worthy of her interest.

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2 thoughts on “Home From Dragon*Con”

  1. Don Moore says:

    Did you participate in the “Thriller” world record attempt? Thoughts?

  2. dave says:

    Don, didn’t participate or attend or particularly care much one way or another. I did see a Michael Jackson zombie in the “Beat it” jacket moonwalking his way around the convention Saturday night though.

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