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Thanks to Chris Campbell’s reminder, I was reminded that I have CDs of all the MP3s from the 2004 WREK alumni weekend. That weekend was to celebrate the history of the old station in the Georgia Tech Thrillerdome as they prepared to move to the brand new space. Thanks to CDC’s persistence and the kindness of Mr. Dave Hamilton I can present here an hour of radio that Thomas did. It was nostalgia at the time for a time a decade and a half prior. Now it is double nostalgia for the original period, as well as Thomas’ life as a whole.

I listened to the whole hour this evening and misted up all over again. Here is the audio of Thomas at the WREK alumni weekend shindig in July 2004 – part 1; part 2 and part 3. It’s cold comfort but it lets you hear his voice again, talking about something he really loves. I’ll take it.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. I remember Thomas coming to the office Halloween party dressed as Sun Ra, circa 1993. Of course, none of us cubicle workers had any idea who he was!

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