Technorati Shuts Down OpenID?

I have been using as my OpenID delegate for years now. Just this morning I went to authenticate to something and got a “404, Page Not Found” error from the open ID access page. I know that David Sifry is no longer with them and the company seems to be changing focus more towards some kind of general, mass appeal slick thing, just like, Azureus->Vuze, etc. That seems to be the death throes for these interesting projects, is trying in vain for some kind of broad acceptance.

I’m not sure if Technorati has permanently turned off OpenID or just restructured pages without letting people know, but I’m pretty sure that I no longer have much use for it in my life. Oh well, it was a good run. Have fun with whatever it is y’all are trying to do now.

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2 thoughts on “Technorati Shuts Down OpenID?”

  1. I have just found the same issue. I wish these companies would be more forthcoming with this information, given that it affects so many of us. As a result of this change, I can no longer sign into my Twitterfeed account.

  2. No one really respects that OpenID. Google has changed specs, Yahoo has changed base url (not sure what happened to Flickr OpenID), Technoratti has shut down the thing completely. OpenID itself is a pain in the ass to implement and no one seems to care. Does it look like shit or I’m exaggerating things?

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