Inbox Zero(ish)

Over the last week I made a serious effort to get my email inbox under control. I entered the week with over 200 messages in there, and now I have 13. That’s the limit that seems about like zero to me because I can see every mail in there without scrolling. I returned some of the really old mails that needed replies, filed or deleted some of the ones that were for offers or situations that long ago expired. I’m going to try my best to stay on top of this from here on out, but it will require vigilance. I’ve been down to this level before and it got over 200. I sure don’t want that to happen again. My goal is to keep it so that my in box never has the scroll thumb on the side, if not exactly at zero. I’d love to not have to reply to anymore mails with the preface “Sorry I didn’t respond in the last 18 months but …”

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