Crafty Rooster

There is a new restaurant called the Crafty Rooster in the downtown of the little community I live in, Conway SC. We bicycled by this place the weekend before last but weren’t sure of what state it is in. Apparently they are caught up in some bureaucracy and are having a hard time getting a liquor license. Until that point, they are open for lunch and have was sounds like some pretty good deals, including the giant bowl of chicken bog for $4.

I’m of two minds. I’m always a little peeved at these “new business started up and needs X to survive Y hurdle.” It doesn’t take a genius to budget into your startup cash requirements that a lot of things will go wrong and business will probably ramp up slower than your predictions. On the other hand, I’m always happy to see more options to eat in downtown Conway, and particularly businesses that give people a reason to be around downtown in the evening. We have a beautiful little place and it’s sad to see the streets roll up at 6 PM.

I hope that the issues work through soon enough and the Crafty Rooster is open for dinner and serving the hooch that they need for their cash flow. In the meantime, check them out if you are in position for lunching there. I don’t generally lunch in Conway because I work close to the beach but if I find myself there in the middle of the day I’ll do it, or perhaps one of these weekend days. I’m always up for a steaming bowl of chicken bog.

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