Mobile Users, I Need a Favor

For folks who read this blog via any mobile platform – iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, any other handheld device, I need a favor. I’ve just this morning installed the Wapple Mobile plugin for WordPress. This is supposed to intelligently render the blog in the maximally usable form for the capabilities of all mobile platforms. I’m curious what your experience is. I don’t have any of these platforms except the kindle to test with so I’d like to hear input about how this works for you, what it looks like and how usable you find it compared to baseline. Thanks!

Update: I turned this plugin off after reports that individual posts were not readable. If this isn’t plug and play, I don’t have time for it, especially since I have no device to look at it with. Que sera. Thanks for looking at it for me, folks!

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7 thoughts on “Mobile Users, I Need a Favor”

  1. Just tested on the iPhone. It just renders the title, and links to all the posts, nothing else. Basically a link list. Looks like this:

    I couldn’t view any posts. Said “WAPL ERROR: Extra content at the end of this document”

    I use W-Phone for my site which seems to do a really nice job of rendering the site for iPhone/Android/Smartphone handsets.

  2. I, too, am getting a “WAPL ERROR: Extra content at the end of the document” message, with the default browser from a T-Mobile Android G-1.

  3. Looks like you turned it back on and individual posts are working now.

    For me, I was happy with the full site. But I can see how it would be useful.

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