Easy Come, Easy Go

Just the other day I blogged about how happy I was to be able to use Greasemonkey scripts on the OS X version of Google Chrome. This evening I had noticed that there was an update, so I restarted Chrome to pick it up. The problem is, this version ( disabled extensions in preparation for releasing the official beta for the OS X version. Had I realized that, I wouldn’t have restarted. I’m hoping they turn it back on, and soon. I had to start Firefox today to use the Google Maps -> Garmin GPS integration and it bummed me out. FireFox is unbelievably slow after using Chrome for a week.

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    1. Dom, I had been using the Chrome alpha. I downloaded the lastest Chromium and it did turn back on the ability to use extensions and Greasemonkey scripts. I tried your apple script and it failed on the second curl to downnload the zip file, even when I updated the local directory to the one I commonly use.

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