Grand Strand Tech Expo

Tomorrow I will be at the inaugural year of the Grand Strand Tech Expo. I will be manning the table for {day job} as well as talking up CREATE South. It should be a fun time and we hope a useful time. If you are around the Myrtle Beach area and will be at the expo, come by and say hi. As a bonus, we’ll have information and stickers available for #MBGeekOut as well.

The Grand Strand Tech Expo is the kind of thing I like to support. At its heart, it has the same motivation as all of these various projects that I’ve been involved with. CREATE South, , the Grand Strand Bloggers et al are all driven by the desire to raise the profile of the Myrtle Beach area in the tech and social media world. The big benefit of these events is giving all of us a venue to realize that we’re all out here and none of us are alone. Rock on.

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4 thoughts on “Grand Strand Tech Expo”

  1. hugh says:

    I wish you success in converting the Grand Strand into a Hi-Tech mecca. That would fit well with my long-range plans.

  2. Thomas says:

    Any outreach you need for NC peeps? I had forgotten about this and my folks are coming to Raleigh that weekend so I’ll miss this year, damn it. But I can reach out for you to local folks, if you want…let me know.

  3. dave says:

    Hugh, we’re doing what we can. GS Tech Expo, CREATE South, MB Geek Out, Grand Strand Bloggers: all of these are ways of making this community visible to each other and those outside our area. Long may all these efforts rock!

    Thomas, if you want to be the RDU street team for CREATE South, I’ll deputize you! In a week or two we’ll be getting together the collateral for the away teams. Thank you sir!

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