Walk/Talk Mismatch

A month or so ago, I saw Annie Leonard get interviewed on The Colbert Report about her book The Story of Stuff. I was interested and went to buy it for my Kindle. Hey, guess what? This book about how Americans buy more physical goods than they need and fill their houses up with it is not available as an ebook, only as a physical good. Nice job completely undermining your own message by the way you do business, Annie Leonard and Free Press (Simon and Schuster). I’m trying to wean myself off of filling my house up with more stuff and am receptive to your message of less stuff, yet that’s the only way I can get your book.

Update: After digging a little more, I see the book is available for the Nook as DRM ePub, not available for Kindle. That’s a little better, but still out of sync with the message of the work itself.

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