Keeping the Plates Spinning

I don’t want this blog to fall into cobwebby disarray, but for a variety of reasons I haven’t been around here much. Part of that is normal summer stuff with some fun travel and work travel, part of that is other projects, and part is the ever diminishing urge to blog. I do like the thought some days of just shutting down Twitter for good and going back to this blog as my primary interface with the internet. I don’t trust Twitter as either a business entity or as a competent deliverer of service so it never feels sensible to allow them to be my stewards between me and the rest of the world. The same goes 10X for Facebook as an untrustworthy steward, even if they are better on a technical level.

I’ll post here when I have something to show for it, but  just for pure giggles I’m pursing an old school paper zine. So much of what I have done for creativity in the last decade is electronic, intangible and ephemeral. I like the idea of putting out something that is an artifact, that you can hold and keep and get in the mail. That’s my new slogan: Putting the ‘somatic’ back in ‘psychosomatic’!

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