This Blog is on Vacation

As the posting frequency gets slower and slower, it gets harder to tell when this blog is on vacation. But it is. For the next week we’ll be in a house on a lake without internet. At first that seemed like a problem but as we pack to leave, it feels more like an amenity. I’m taking a few paper books, a Kindle stocked to the gills, swimsuits and games and a few DVDs we never seem to find time to watch.

I’ll come back in a week, tanned and relaxed (just like Nixon) and ready to tackle a busy fall into a busy holiday season followed by an extremely busy 2011 for us. This might be the last good sleep I get in some time. Hold down the internet without me.

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One thought on “This Blog is on Vacation”

  1. Morrie says:

    Hope you all enjoy your break, and recharge those life batteries.

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