Let’s Do It Later

On Twitter I ran across a link to this article on procrastination. I am bad about it, which is a trait I share in common with, well, practically everyone. What I most like about this article is that right up top it addresses the moral dimension. People are so quick in judgement nowadays and it usually involves some sort of “X is so fat and lazy” type generalizations. I’m trying to get better about procrastination, not with GTD (which I have pretty much abandoned as cool but not ultimately workable in my life) but by finally understanding myself enough to know that delay is defacto choosing not to do things. I seldom or never will remember to come back to things so where feasible I’m now shooting for just doing whatever the task is when I think about it. It’s not that I am guaranteed not to do it if I defer but it’s like any missed requirement – the behavior is undefined. I may do it, I may not, I may miss whatever deadline is attached. I finally understand that I have basically the same timescale as George Carlin attributed to dogs – “right now and forever”.

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