Why Twitter is Becoming a Drag

Why Twitter Sucks Part 1

Here’s an example of why Twitter is becoming such a complete drag every time I use it. At 7:48 PM, I made an ordinary, standard type of tweet. It’s the kind anyone would make at anytime. I didn’t think twice about doing it.

Why Twitter Sucks Part 2

Within one minute, I got these @replies. That’s solely from using the keywords “basketball” or possibly “college basketball.” I get very similar action if I tweet using the words “poker”, “iPad”, “iPod” or any other of a number of ones that some douche might be trying to spam on. It’s a real serious bummer to have to see these reflexive spams off the use of these types of keywords. That’s for me with not many followers, no longer tweeting that much and not often using any of the biggie terms. I can imagine for a lot of more serious users it is even a worse problem.

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2 thoughts on “Why Twitter is Becoming a Drag”

  1. Clinton says:

    Interesting, Dave. While I do a fair amount of Twittering, and have a few hundred followers, I get very little of this type of spamming. I do get some, but not tons. I do, however, wish Twitter could/would do more to stop it.

  2. I tweet a lot but don’t get too many of these. “Block and report for spam” gives me satisfaction and takes only a moment.

    It doesn’t do much in the greater scheme, probably.

    The ones that bug me are the “600 following, 0 followers, 0 tweets” follow notices. THOSE I get by the metric buttload every day.

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