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I have a new thing that is killing the mojo that once went into blogging. For a while it has been Twitter and Facebook, but now Google Plus is my main blog-eating time sink. I got in invite fairly early after its creation, so I’ve been using it since early July. It’s not perfect but it’s so much closer to what I want from a social network that after only a week or two of it, I basically stopped using Twitter. That wasn’t hard, any reasonable service that had any decent uptake from my circle of friends would have been sufficient. Google+ (as Huff and Stapes call it, “testing positive for Google”) was plenty good enough.

One thing that I’m going to do to try to bring my blogging mojo back is to periodically take posts I’ve made on Google+ and bring them back over here. That was tough with Twitter because any reasonable thought spanned multiple tweets and then it was just all a mess.

If you want to follow me or in G+ terminology “circle me” and my wagons, this is my profile. It’s similar nonsense as here, packaged in a different way. Welcome aboard.

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