The Dog Days of Podcasting

The Dog Days of Podcasting

I am participating in The Dog Days of Podcasting this year, which is a project organized by my friend +Kreg Steppe. The deal is that you podcast every day from July 30th to August 30th. That's 31 podcasts in a row, which I'm not sure I've ever done even when I was cranking in the early days. Obviously, these are not all going to be full blown affairs. My plan is for the bulk of these to be 5ish minute episodes. I am shooting for a series within the series where I will discuss my history in comic book and science fiction fandom. These will be interspersed with other episodes. It won't be orderly but with any luck, it will be daily.

The first one is posted a few minutes ago. Away we go!

Dog Days of Podcasting
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