First Week With Locket Update

First Week With Locket Update

I installed +Locket a week ago Thursday after hearing about it on +All About Android. I didn't have any fancy lock screen or any widgets, just HTC default so I lost nothing that way. I found it not terribly intrusive, not terribly lucrative, the ads so far not terribly in my wheelhouse. I tried to interact with one ad (Kick-Ass 2 trailer) but YouTube crapped out in the middle , which is not Locket's fault.

Summary from just over 7 days of use:

Money earned: $1.18
Affilates signed up: 0
Ads interacted: 1

At this rate, it would be early October before I'd be eligible for a cashout. I was actually thinking I'd be closer to $2 by now, but this is the difference between the turtle and the snail. I was under no illusions this would be highly lucrative. I'll probably keep going at least until I reach $10 and maybe forever.  We shall see.


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