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I switched hosting back over the Xmas holidays in an unplanned, haphazard fashion that involved doing it twice to two different hosts and burning up a lot of holiday time. I wasn’t dying to do it again, but I just did. If you see this post, you are looking at the new host. There might be slight wonkiness for a day or two, and please feel free to report via comment on this post if you do.

At the recommendation of Ken Kennedy I have switched to Linode. The upside is that for really cheap, I have full control of my own VM. It’s not shared hosting, I have a “box” that is entirely my own on which I have root. The downside of that is that exactly the same. This is not a good solution if “sudo apt-get install apache2” means nothing to you. It’s kind of a drag compared to the shared hosting Cpanel solutions that do everything for you, but is good for me and my Rube Goldbergian podcast publishing system.

I finally got tired of the poor response and throttling of the other system so now I’m in the long slow process of pulling every domain I have into Linode. At this point, I have some on Bluehost, some on Hostgator and this one here. After I solidify the process to set up the domains and get everything working (forwarding email is the sticky bit right now), then I will move them all one by one. I’ll also make the hard decision to shutter some domains that I created on a whim and then do little or nothing with. I’m trying to fight my hoarding tendencies in the physical world, I should do it in the digital world too.

For now, please comment if anything doesn’t work right. I predict death of a thousand paper cuts trying to get this all straightened out. I’d appreciate help in identifying those paper cuts.

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2 thoughts on “New New Hosting”

  1. Shannon Nelson says:

    This new hosting seems much more responsive – a much friendlier experience. Thanks! -sln

  2. dave says:

    Good, I’m glad to hear it. It’s been an ongoing drag on me having the website be bad, but not catastrophic. It spent a long time being a problem that wasn’t a priority, so having it fixed is nice.

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