Good work. There is something about approaching the middle of middle age being healthier than when younger that feels like you’ve beaten the system.

I always do best with day job workouts when the gym is either onsite or walkable (like it was in downtown Portland.) For me it is 100% about the routine, having the time carved out and the place to do it. It is rare that I have a workout available but I just don’t feel like it. Motivation is not my problem.

Prior to Punkin, I was working out every morning on the way to work and showering at the gym. That worked well too, although I prefer lunch time and especially work afternoons post-workout. It helps fight that sleepy nap feeling.

It is no coincidence that for each of my two degrees, I left college in way better shape than I started it. Having a relatively open schedule and easy access to workout facilities meant I got in much better shape.